Our Market

Our Market


X3English’s first learning course was launched in 2013. Since then, we have reached a huge number of customers in Vietnam and continued to grow rapidly.


We achieved some levels of success in our very first steps on this market as our products have been well received by the local learners and many have expressed that they found our products truly helpful for them.


The challenging market where surprises and opportunities await us.


We plan to achieve this potential market in 2020. Our young and talented people are trying our best to give our value to Indonesian English learners.


This developed country is known as a competitive market. The modern method of teaching and studying there gives us more motivation to start a business.


China is the big market with a huge demand for studying English. This market requires us a careful preparation and a good penetration strategy.

About Us

About Us

Our vision is to help 1 billion people achieve mastery of English through self-learning. We strongly believe that the simplification and removing barriers will help anyone master English.

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