Core Values

By believing in our talented sailors, giving them the support and autonomy they need to create. If you join the boat, there are five values with which you’ll quickly become familiar as they form the foundation of X3English culture. If these values align with your own, if they sound like the kind of people you want to be surrounded by, then come with us to help 1 billion people master english.


As a sailor of our team, you wil never stop learning and develop yourself. If you really want to learn, there are thousand of difference ways for you to study and better your self on a daily basic


Customers are the centre of all x3English’s activities. We always We always aim for sustainable business by bringing the best quality products and services and providing the best experience to our customers. The members of X3ENGLISH believe that, with a simple and effective way to learn English, any student can master English. The success of customers is the responsibility of each member.


X3English is a strong advocate for empowerment. You will be given countless opportunities and all necessary resources to accomplish your goals. In response, you will be fully responsible for your work and goals by taking a proactive role in implementing, interacting, and handling your work. X3English encourages every member to develop their skills, do research and learn continuously.


Each member of X3ENGLISH communicates as much as possible, because communication is the oxygen of the whole company. Poor communication is the root of all disagreements, conflicts, thus rendering the work and projects ineffective. When the members truly understand each other, all difficulties will disappear, all barriers will be broken so that we are able to focus on a common goal.


In X3ENGLISH, every member is always eager to conquer new difficulties and challenges, and constantly pushing themselves out of their comfort zone to take further steps. Here on our boat, you don’t say “That’s all I can do” or “I can’t”. Instead, you will say: “Is there a more efficient way” or “I can do it if…”. To put it simply: If you don’t have a way, find a way, if you can’t find it, make a way (from the book There is no failure, only challenges by Chung Ju Yung)

Why should join X3

Friendly, youngful

I have worked at X3English for a long time. I’m impressed by X3English’s motto: Never pass up on any opportunity to help your colleagues. I feel privileged to work in such a youthful, dynamic, and friendly working environment. You can work from any place and still manage to feel the positive energy and enthusiasm for work from everyone.

~Ms. Ngọc Anh / Admin Specialist


In X3, everyone can decide how they want their work to be completed. It means that the boss won’t check in with you every day to see if you’ve completed your tasks, nor force you to follow their directions. As long as you can show your work results at the end of the month, it’s all good. Of course, the boss still asks about your plans for each task. Therefore, if you go in the wrong direction or if the process takes too many steps, they will give you their advice and suggestions. As a result, the task can be completed much more quickly.

~Hải Anh / Creative Leader


Although the time that I spend at X3English is not long, it is enough for me to have unforgettable memories of this place. Working here will considerably improve your familiarity with technology, as you will be able to apply many cool technologies to your work. For example, the check-in app is extremely convenient. You don’t need to stand in line to record your fingerprints every morning. Let’s become a member of X3English to uncover other interesting stuff.

~Duy Thái / Junior R&D


X3 has a young and dynamic working environment. Everyone respects and assists each other. The bosses care about employees’ lives, which I find very touching.

~Linh Trần / Developer

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